We are creating a world where technology is no longer a barrier to online courses

We are committed to lowering the barrier to online business for entrepreneurs and experts or those wanting to start a successful online business. With a particular emphasis on keeping the technology simple

Our Mission

Is to enable the everyday business owner to share their knowledge or passion to the world through technology, empowering them to monetize, advertise and scale their online Business whilst providing a hand held service with support and expertise from the team at Lernify

Our Mission

Where it all started

The Lerniy Team

Back in 2018, our founder and CEO Zak Nawaz, a leader in his field of programming in the corporate world decided after working for a reputable media company, noticing how they shared their message via the internet using an automation platform, which gave him his aha moment, together he and his wife, Rashta came up with the concept of how they wanted to give the everyday person the power to share their message and expertise and profit through the automation of online knowledge sharing through courses.

Which led us to the creation of VideoJar, a platform for the everyday business owner that provides them with the blueprint and tools in the simplest form to create and launch their online course. By the way the name Videojar didn't sit right with us and hence why it's now called Lernify!